brand strategy & identity design
Hotel Moco
The first and only contemporary colonial design hotel in the heart of Udon Thani, Hotel Moco sets out to redefine Isan hospitality through a global lens. By combining world-class service and design quality with the best elements of Isan hospitality, Hotel Moco aspires to become an iconic travel destination where traditions meld.
In collaboration with Studio HAA (House of Artist & Architect), an experience design studio based in Bangkok, we went through a comprehensive brand exercise to define the new hotel's brand strategy, naming, and visual identity.
Moco is a portmanteau name that combines "Mo" from "Montatip" (Mother's first name meaning flower) and "Co" which is associated with Company, Community, Contemporary, Collaboration, all of the attributes that we associate with the brand.
The visual identity embodies true classic elegance, signified with a bespoke logotype and a monogram that reminisce the natural beauty of a blooming Montatip flower, pride in Isan craftsmanship, and promise to a collaborative spirit.

In collaboration with Studio HAA
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