VISUAL Identity Design
U Chu Liang Building
Situated right along the famous Rama 4 road that links Bangkok's two prominent districts – The Siam Innovation District and Thai Innovation District. U Chu Liang building has always been considered a prime landmark for many high-profiled businesses since it started in 1960 by Mr U Chu Liang himself. 
A visionary businessman and a charitable philanthropist in Thailand, Mr U Chu Liang was truly the monumental figure to the company. Even till today, his passion in pursuing only the best for the greater whole still lives within the hearts and minds of everyone in the company. There was no doubt that the new visual identity has to be designed around the inspirational founder.
We studied the roots of Mr U Chu Liang and crafted a logomark that narrates a journey of how he became a brand in his own name through a series of design symbols – right from the start of Mr U Chu Liang's humble Chinese origins, how he founded his roots in Thailand and began his legacy with U Chu Liang Building.
A signature graphic was also created from the Chinese surname, forming a series of ornamental patterns that embody the family legacy within it.
A flexible grid system was introduced to allow the signature patterns to be arranged in many different ways alongside the primary brand colours, creating a unified visual identity system.
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